Warren Pope: Blood Lines, Time Lines, Red Lines

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September 8 @ 8:00 am - December 17 @ 5:00 pm

Join us as we open our newest exhibition, “Warren Pope: Blood Lines, Time Lines, Red Lines”. This exhibition explores the history and contemporary realities of redlining and displacement through the minimalist art of local artist Warren Pope.

With an international influence, a socially conscious mentality, a firm view for cultural equity and a dash of forwardness, Warren Pope has crafted an established visual art career inside and outside of the Pacific Northwest. Born in Munich, Germany of a Czech Mother and an African American Father, Warren and his two brothers were often ridiculed and beloved by their communities for their art and outward connection to social equality and justice. Like many military children, Warren was exposed to cultural difference, social customs and awkward experiences of acceptances and domestic indifference. Popes Father John Pope…who served in the military, for a time he was stationed at Fort Lewis in Tacoma Washington.

Popes artistic interest was first influenced by his Mother Ann Pope, when she fashioned his fascination for art while his Fathers family and cultural heritage educated him on his American and African ancestry. Traveling between Harlem New York, North Carolina, Tacoma Washington, Kansas and Germany, Pope was able to absorb the vast difference between his social and ethnic experiences.

Instead of bedtime stories, Popes mother would draw illustrations with wild imaginative plots that began the foundation of his creative conceptual and artistic thinking. For Pope, this formed a formidable ability to compose his art into direct visual narratives utilizing a minimalist style of directness for various complex cultural commentaries.

Warren Pope is an alum of the Univ. of Puget Sound, and has lived in Seattle for over 30 years. His career has involved twenty years of graphic art dealership associated with the Mack Gallery and environmental design landscaping. His personal art has been privileged to be shown and supported by two major galleries in the Pacific Northwest, one being the American Art Company and the other being Gallery Mack. His motto has always been, “it’s not what you do but the company that you do it with”.

From the Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) Curator- Hasaan Kirkland:

Content Synopsis: The art in the exhibit will display architecturally influenced minimalism. These works merge between sculpture and paintings with an unorthodox imaginative use of canvas, wire, steel, banana leaf and wood. This extraordinary use of space, design and thematic play on words and images elevates the topic of redlining and its impactful history to a point of remembrance, awareness, question and artistic appreciation.

Curator Quote: “It was a pleasure to experience the narrative and creative energy of Warren Pope. The impact of systemic inequities like redlining have caused Warren Pope creatively to explode into a fervor of visual conversation and artistic expression. Warren Pope: Blood Lines, Times Lines, Red Lines will not only intrigue and inspire its new audience but it will also delight and reignite many who have followed his work over the years.”

Exhibit Explanation: Warren Pope: Blood Lines, Time Lines, Red Lines is an abstract art exhibition that examines the historical and contemporary realities of redlining and displacement. Pope’s art explores matters of systemic inequities. With a minimalist style, Pope combines three dimensional art with basic visual elements such as lines, shapes, and color to explore redlining history.


September 8 @ 8:00 am
December 17 @ 5:00 pm