Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

NAAM offers a variety of exhibitions that explore the full journey of the African American experience — from ancient Africa, through resistance to slavery, through the Civil War and Reconstruction, the rise of Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Movement, to today’s movement for social justice.


Northwest Gallery


January 11, 2018-September 30, 2018

(not your Michelangelo’s) David by Zorn B. Taylor                                 

Revolution by Jessica Ry’Cheal   

Everyday Black features contemporary portraits by photographers Jessica Rycheal and Zorn B. Taylor. This new exhibition showcases the work of two artists as they explore the intersections and identities that are held within blackness.

In her work, Jessica Rycheal centers the young bloods and elders of the community who organize, build the underground scene and celebrate

blackness, queerness and liberation politics. Zorn B. Taylor spotlights “the familiar,” challenging conventional ideas around blackness and whiteness in favor of illuminating the notion of the intentionally chosen, multicultural family.

Through their intimate and honest photographs, Rycheal and Taylor present snapshots that beautifully bear witness to the everyday lives of everyday black folks in Seattle.

Guest Curator: C. Davida Ingram




PACCAR Gallery

Seattle Chapter Black Panther Party 50 Years: Power to the People

April 27, 2018-November 27, 2018


In celebrating our 50th anniversary, the Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party (SCBPP) invites youth and young adults throughout the Seattle area to join us, especially students who are currently involved with Black Student Union (BSU) chapters at local high schools, colleges and universities. Collaborating directly with young people, SCBPP seeks to reignite our mission and stand up for the right to land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace.

Journey Gallery

Our Journey

This dynamic, interactive exhibition takes visitors on a multi-faceted journey through time, exploring the history, culture, and art of the region’s African American community. Beginning with the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the chronological timeline encompasses three centuries of challenges and opportunities that were experienced by people who settled in the Pacific Northwest and called it home.



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